Friday, December 24, 2010

Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

Swiss Rhine

3 Places I would like to visit are Alaska with its beautiful glaciers and to see the northern lights . Next stop is Switzerland to see the beautiful Rhine falls and last but not least Hawaii....

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Try La Bella Baskets for free for 7 on

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Currently to join La Bella Baskets for a 7-day trial is $1.97 until 31st August 2010. If you are one of the first 5,  I will refund you your $1.97 through paypal once you have signed up as a consultant. In essence you are joining for a free 7 day trial of the program which we guarantee you will love if not cancel at any time. After that it is $19.95 monthly which goes to the maintenance of your two websites- a marketing site and your store. Remember this is your very own Flower and Gift shop and if you were to start one your self your monthly costs for storage, inventory, rent among others would of course be more than this.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Candle Lollipops?

Here is an interesting twist to candles from Cello in a Box!

candle pop
Wrap Tip - Candle Lollipops
If you are in the candle business, these candle lollipops are just darling! Using a T-light you would add a small glue dot with a glue gun to a sucker stick, then add to a 3x5 flat bag. Tie with ribbon and a tag for a wonderful giveaway. Use a variety of T-lights with different colored ribbons for a colorful variety that will be so eye appealling. Great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday as well. We have both the sticks and bags available on our site. I so wish I could give credit to someone for this photo but I have had it in my photo bank for some time and not sure where it came from.

 Cello in a Box- a unique gift wrapping supply company. Our products can be used for personal or business needs...visit us at
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Monday, August 16, 2010


 Special Savings Spectacular On Selected Gift Baskets! 
Need  a gift ?  Not sure what to send?
Gifts baskets are the perfect gift.  They are beautiful and perfect for any person wishing to give a memorable gift to someone special, a client or absolutely anyone who loves to receive a gift of food, bath products, baby items or any other theme you can think to give.
With a selection of over 400 gift baskets to choose from, we are confident you will find the perfect gift basket that will bring smiles and joy to their face.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That August Romance.....

Only US$52.99
Los Olivos garlic & Cheddar wine biscuits
Focaccia parmesan crusted crackers
4 pc Assorted double chocolate truffles
Frosted votive candles
chocolate body frosting
frosting paint brush
2.2 oz Angel bite size cookies
5x7 gold picture frame
""Love"" A book of inspirational love thoughts for newlyweds"
Did you know that according to the National Association of wedding ministers that after June , August is the most popular month for weddings?

Also summer is known for if you are looking for that perfect gift for your summer romance or for a wedding gift.... at La Bella Baskets we have the perfect gift to start you on your relationship or for newly weds.... on their way to a happy future together.

We have romantic and wedding baskets from $42.95  with a variety of cheeses, chocolates, champagne glasses, candles and lots more. Each basket is different.....

So why not give the gift of romance with a gift basket from la bella baskets

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Save up to 30% on selected gift baskets

"Heavenly Retreat"
$64.99  $49.99
We have classy and affordable gift baskets, flowers, cookie bouquets and much more.

When you think of the joy that special someone has brought to you, we know you'll wish you were there when they receive one of the beautiful gifts that you just bought at La Bella Baskets. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gift Idea for kids

Children's PorcelainTeaset

Vibrant, cheerful colors and dishes sized especially for little hands. Authentic porcelain 13-piece set includes tea service for 4. 5¾"OD tea pot with lid, 4 cups, 4 saucers, sugar bowl with lid and creamer, Colors vary.

Ages 8 and up
Just US$19.99
Also available children teas. Check out Teaporia

Chocolate lovers delight

Check out my latest newsletter which has a blurb on where to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
Also find, wrapping tips, gift wrap ideas and a business in the spotlight "Big Crumbs" where you earn cash back from shopping at over 570 retailers.
Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Shipping on baby shower bags

Free shipping on pink and blue polka dot cello bags at Cello in a Box.

These bags are ideal for baby showers. Great for small gift items such as  bubble baths, votive candles, bath salts, miniature baby carriages, small baby bottles and more.............

The ideas are tremendous.............

For more gift ideas for baby showers send us an email at

Renee Hamilton
Senior Rep Cello in a Box

Friday, July 23, 2010

$1 deals....

Check out these awesome $1 deals at Cello in a Box from today till 30 July 2010. Buy.....

White Blossom Bag

  •  3 Pull bows in varying sizes (can never have enough in stock of these to embellish your gift boxes and gift baskets)
  • Set of 10 Happy Birthday gift tags (everyday someone celebrates a birthday so why not keep these on hand to attach to your gifts for the special someone)
  • Our Surprise wrap set always has goodies you can easily use to make that special gift unique. Get from ribbons to bows to bags for just $1
  • Green gingham gift basket box  ( cute little box which folds easily for storage and reminds you of summer as gingham is still popular for summer dresses and barbecue aprons)
  • 1 dozen musical notes bag measuring 5"x2"x12" (FDA approved so you can add sweets or food mixes which will make anyone feel like singing)
  • 1oz natural kraft shred (great addition to men's gift baskets as it gives it a more manly look)
  • 1glue stick - great for crafting and adding on paper embellishments
  • Hand crafted cards with birthday hat or glitter flowers with envelopes
  • 1 dozen white blossom bags ideal for bridal shower tokens
  • Set of 3 organza bags in assorted colors and sizes
  • 8 large 6"x13' white heart bags
  • New holiday fun guide filled with gift ideas, decorating, list making and more
  • 1 dozen balloon twist tie tags
  • Assorted colored raffia- get 3 for just $1
  • 1 dozen  transparent cello bags in assorted colors
What are you waiting for? In just 7 days time this offer will be gone....Buy now! Go to

Renee Hamilton
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Lost and Wish I could get back

Gold Shoe...

My pair of gold heels. Most comfortable pair of shoes that I could dance in whole night and not feel pain. Size 6 1/2, two straps across, heel of the shoes were dark brown. The sole softly cushioned the feet. I left it at my mom's in between moving house.

When I returned to move the rest of my things it was not there. No one saw it magically disappeared...mind you... two of my nieces were wearing the same shoe size as I was at the will leave it there....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Handmade Card Idea

I stumbled upon this idea for designing a handmade card placing the card's message on a bookmark which is detachable but leaves the card intact.

You see I normally print the personalised message on paper, cut it out and glue with gluestick. This process can be painstaking at times getting the paper cut to the correct size as I often add a right hand border (with coloured cardstock) to the inside of the card which is visible from the outside. This lends contrast to the colour and design on the front of the card.

 I create one of a kind handmade card design using stickers, ribbons, transfers, glue dots, glue stick, cardstock (only repeated if copies are requested by the purchaser, but I change the colours). I hate to mess up the inside of the card.

Also I know that before I began designing cards, I would find cards I liked on the outside but not what was on the inside so I kept toying in my mind how can I allow persons to choose the design and choose the personalised message they want and yesterday it hit me why not do a detachable bookmark and see how that goes.

So I printed the message on white cardstock, cut it out smaller than the width and height of the card.Added some stickers. I attached friggie tape ( got it from a friend and had not really used it) to the back and then attached it to the card. I held the card by the ribbon of the bookmark just to check if it was holding. You see the friggie tape is double sided but does not stick to your fingers. It did hold ! At least for about 5mins.

So then I checked to see whether I could detach the bookmark without harming the card and I was able to. Then I stuck it back on.

Now the benefits-
  • The bookmark will stick to page of book without falling out, thus you do not lose nor damage your page
  • The recipient gets to keep a memory of the card. Most people throw their cards out after a few days because of storage issues
  • The bookmark becomes even more personalised and of more value with the signature of the sender
  • The card becomes reusable, you can just attach another bookmark or write something inspirational on it

So thats my handmade card idea with detachable bookmark. Hope you like it!

Renee Hamilton
RT Gifts
July 2nd 2010

July 4th Independence Day Sale-Ship for only US$3.99

July 4th- Independence Sale

Take advantage of this offer at Cello in a Box. Make purchases over $20 and up to $40 and just pay $3.99 until July 5th midnight then rates revert to normal price of $7.49. Canada shipping also reduced.

Get all your wrapping supplies in one place we have both cellophane and paper products guaranteed to change your gift from ordinary to extraordinary. Isnt that just great!

Check out our products on sale for July as well! Get tulle ribbons for a mere $3.50 (a 'must have' for flower and gift shops) and 2"x 3" tape sealer bags(100) for small samples and business cards for $2.50.

Fantastic offers at Cello in a Box 

Buy now and get in our shipping sale!

Renee Hamilton
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What can I use to present my handmade cards?

Twice today I had this asked of me so I decided to share the information with as many as I can.

What can you use to package and present your handmade cards? Tape sealer bags are great to showcase your cards. Why?
  • They give your work a professional look
  • Protects the cards from being soiled from over handling
  • Keeps the dust off
  • Demonstrates the pride you take in your work
What size?
If your cards measure 4"-51/2" wide to 8" tall use the 6"x 9 1/2" size. Remember to cater for the envelope.

PIC1-The card and envelope placed in the tape sealer bag.

You can purchase these bags for US$8.50 (size 6"x 9 1/2"). They come in a set of 100 at Cello in a Box. Tape sealer bags range in sizes 2"x 3" to 9"x 12".

So add the professional touch as we say at Cello in a Box- "Presentation makes the sale!"

Renee Hamilton 
Senior Rep -Cello in a Box and Manager of RT Gifts

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gifts you can wrap in pretzel bags

Here are four great ideas from my fellow cello in a box reps for gift items you can wrap in pretzel bags.

Free Ideas
Tea Party For One - add tea bags, honey sticks, stick cookies with a gift Cathy Job—Dawson, ND

· Add a flyer rolled like a scroll, tied with ribbon and a sample, candy along with a business card for a great marketing idea. Jodi Van Meter—Tucson, AZ
· Biscotti is a perfect fit in a pretzel bag. Steff Jones—Proctor, OK
· A few tools such as a few screwdrivers for your man. Tie with natural raffia ribbon for a masculine look. Ellen Levinas—Brooklyn, NY

We have 19 more ideas on our celloinabox website. I am sure you can find more. I have just purchased some pretzel bags to experiment with as well. You will find the bags on page 2 in the category 'clear cello bags'. They come in a set of 25 bags for $3.25 and your added bonus are the great ideas listed on the description page.

Thanks for dropping by Red Apple's blog

RT Gifts

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrapping that Gift for Dad

I hope you have already wrapped the gift for Dad or if not lets give you a run down of some of the basic supplies you will need to do so.
The traditional basket which as someone rightfully said 'mom can use it afterwards ( car wash bucket or a hat or gift mug, pre wrapped box, tool box or storage container- ideas are limitless)
  • Scissors
  •  Ribbon -use colours silver, black, red, white, brown, blue or gold
  • Cellophane basket bag depending on size of gift, or cellophane roll or gift paper or pre wrapped box, cellophane printed bags (use the ones with a sporty theme or maybe with tool box items)
  • Scotch tape (to tape up the extra ends and give it a neat look)
  • Twist ties, if necessary- for keeping the neck of the cellophane together to make it easier to tie on the ribbons
  • Pull Bows for added effect
  • Gift tag
  • Glue dots - to secure items in basket so they do not move around or to prevent glass items from knocking together
  • Tissue- silver, white, black, brown,blue, red or gold
  • Dont forget some shred - You can use newspaper to first line the container and then top with foiled, or craft shred.
Have fun wrapping and for the fathers "Happy Father's Day!"

For more ideas and gift wrapping supplies

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Have you seen the new online store Sassy kids boutique of Texas? Its a boutique mall with stores from A to Z for the kids and family. Besides RT Gifts (my personal company), there are companies like Usborne Books, Create-a-book, Smart-Sax (a stylish alternative to the plastic bag) and a whole lot more......

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We would love to have you over.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple ideas for Father's Day

There are simple ways we can celebrate father's day! One of my clients, a hotel, bakes there own special cookies, purchases themed cello bags (camouflage, sporting  and racing design for father's day) from cello in a box and puts their cookies in the bags tied with matching curling ribbons and a note. They are then arranged on a tray on the table for their guests to partake of. I must say this is a nice inexpensive touch. They first did this for mother's day which was such a joy that they are once more turning to cello in a box  to make their father's day event just as successful.

- My 83 year old dad loves to write different things down and is always bothering me for notebook pages. So last year I bought him a really fancy pen, a nicely bound black note book and notepad pages... for Father's Day. He was very pleased and now gets refilled note pad pages for it. My sister thought I should have bought him cologne which is more expensive but to tell the truth my dad does not like colognes...but is too polite to say so and he gives them to my son to use. ( I think they have finally gotten the message now)

Sometimes the simplest things actually make the best gifts for your friends and family!I got a nature inspired wall calender from a friend in the UK and trust me its the best gift I could have gotten because I missed an appointment for my business- it was in my diary which I misplaced. Now I just look at my calender that is above my workstation and I dont forget them now.- I have never gotten accustomed to making a note of it on my cell phone-

So, just take the time to listen to what people are saying or pay attention to what they are doing and you will find it easy to select gifts. Actually at cello in a box we emphasize that simple gifts nicely wrapped will actually do the trick.There are great books on about gift wrapping, which I mentioned on a previous blog, if that is an interest of yours. However we also provide you with free tips and gift wrapping ideas on the 'cello' site.

For 100's of gift ideas for men why not check out cello in a box's ebook for guys

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red Apple's Blog: Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Red Apple's Blog: Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Yes everyone until June 7th 2010, you can enjoy free shipping on our spring cellobration line of products.

We have pink and white blossom bags to fit your small bridal shower favors. You can add lovely wine stoppers to these bags, also votive candles, hard candies, small manicure sets, potpourri and other small items. Tied with curling ribbons and a cute tag saying 'May your love soar to even greater heights' and the date.

Our pink and blue polka dot bags makes a cute wrap for your baby girl or baby boy shower favors.
Get them at Cello in a box

For wide variety of wine stoppers for bridal showers check out

If you are looking for a unique wine stoppers as a gift or for yourself take a look at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why not a bridal shower tea party?

Its June, the month for weddings and of course bridal showers.

Looking for a different theme for a bridal shower why not try a tea party especially if the bride collects tea accessories or loves teas.

What will definitely liven it up will be a tea tasting session and you can incorporate a game whereby the guests are asked to correctly identify the taste or maybe one or two ingredients of 3 different teas. The winner can be presented with a teacup and a few bags of the teas which were tasted( which will make a great story at the next bridal teaparty they attend, which leads to the next fun thing you can do)

Another fun thing  (I found this one on a previous issue of Better Homes and Gardens)
 is have everyone bring their favourite teacup and tell the cup's story. I remember my boss having this mug with some words which are too delicate for you to read here and the story was just as 'uhhum' delicate as the words. I had a good laugh with her though.

But, teacups do tell stories as I have a really delicate china teacup and saucer from my last permanent job, from a friend who was like a mother to me. I still cherish it after two years (- as my freedom cup- free from stress, from a defined paycheck, from certain persons who do not know 'how to think outside of the box' )and I will always remember it was her who would lift my spirits when I was down and give me useful advice when tact was needed for certain situations.

Now lets get back to the bridal shower tea party! For table decor try a collectible teaset or maybe an all-in-one teapot, which can be presented to the bride to commemorate the day! You can add several flavours of teas that she can try. Making it a special treat for her.

Whatever you decide to do for the bridal shower, ensure that its fun, memorable and filled with lots of joy.

For more information on this topic you can contact me at or if you like this idea and wish to purchase sample teabags, tea accessories and sweet and savoury desserts join me at teaporia. For gift wrapping for your tokens come with me to celloinabox 'spring cellobration' where you can enjoy free shipping on bridal shower themed bags this month.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elegant gift wrapping paper

I came upon some really dazzling gift paper in my 'surfing' today and I thought it looked really cool. I went on this site

Ooh I mean the words "sparkle,  shimmer, reflection" was spot on as the description of this gift wrapping paper. I can see myself using it for christmas. It would look really 'snazzy' under the christmas tree lights. I would add silver or gold metallic bows to them to complete the look.

You could even paper some shoe boxes, take out boxes with them and you will have some 'snazzy' (I like that word)gift boxes for gift giving. You could even cut out shapes like a star or even a christmas tree out of them punch some holes and using curling ribbon tie them to the handles of a simple gift bag....... perfect embellishment. (I would use two similar cutouts of different sizes)

Just recently as this year, the company I rep for Cello in a Box added some themed gift paper sets to their range of products. Unfortunately they are not metallic like those I spoke of above, but they do have some pretty neat matching gift tags. I particularly like the one for the girls with the vintage shoes...anyway I just love pink!
You get 2 sheets of wrapping paper measuring 20" x 27"and 2 Matching gift tags for just US$2.25.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gift wrapping supplies make useful gifts too!

Do you have a friend, a neighbour, a family member who loves giving gifts and takes pleasure in wrapping them all? Are you looking for something simple but unique that will create a presence in the minds of your customers? Did you know that gift wrapping supplies make great gifts too and can also be used for storing items. These are just a few ideas of how wrapping supplies make great gifts and are useful to have on hand!

1)Gift boxes and baskets are great for gift giving as you can put several items together in a theme and make a uniquely special gift.

But they can also be used for housing ribbons for crafting, business cards, candles, bath and body products, sewing accessories.......

If you add small magazines or artificial flowers, or different packs of snacks to your gift box or basket, they become part of your table decor. Some of these baskets and boxes come in themes....for country themed or whimsical baskets you might like these beautifully handpainted ones at

2) Cellophane bags are great for smaller individual items such as bath and body, candles, small teddy bears, jewelry, gift mugs, mini tote bags. I have used some to store my old pay stubs, but you can keep small items like buttons, craft ribbons, appliques, thread, extra keys, screws.... I am sure we can all find many more uses for having them on hand!

3)As a store owner you can buy printed cellophane bags with your store theme or name( for instance if your store name has 'rose' in it you can buy rose printed bags or if you sell everything in the colour red you can buy red shred, red tissue, red ribbon and - now you know noone will forget you....with all that red...)

Just add your business card and either a voucher or maybe a card where they can write down dates for anniversaries, or birthdays including what was the last gift bought. This shows your customer that you care and it is a thoughtful gift and they will not forget your store.....not to mention great and efficient marketing tool!

4) One tip I received from a store owner is that she purchases cellophane basket bags to keep the dust off her artificial floral arrangements......

But dont think that you have to be a store owner to purchase gift wrapping supplies in bulk, you can buy them for your friends or neighbours in small bulk quantities and cross one item off their list or off your list when gift giving.
Do remember to keep certain wrapping products-especially plastic- away from children's reach or from pets....

For more ideas feel free to check back with me here.. To see our wrapping supplies go to

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gift wrapping supplies basics

I have been trying to keep up to date on information on gift wrapping and I came across an article on gift wrapping supplies basics and I thought it would be useful for you to read at

At home I always have a couple of wrapping supplies handy for my business presentations as well as for gifts because I supply floral and gift shops in Trinidad and Tobago with wrapping supplies.

Some of my necessities (besides the scissors, double sided tape etc) include
  • printed gift boxes which are less costly than decorated baskets but you can use other storage items such as buckets, old shoe boxes wrapped with gift paper (is very popular), I have seen kids lunch boxes used as well.
  • cellophane basket bags on hand 14"x24" or 25" x 30" depending on the size baskets (14" x 24" will do up to size 6 baskets or gift boxes 7"x4"x5" and 25" x 30" will do much larger baskets)
  • For pizazz I use pull bows with no more than two or three different strands of curling ribbons and coloured shred. To help me have an easier time putting on pull bows and curling ribbons I use twist ties to keep the mouth of the bag together.
  • printed cellophane gift bags for the smaller gifts
  • glue dots to adhere craft items to add a little sparkle if needed.
If you wish to see more gift wrapping supplies or pictures of gift wrapped items in boxes or cello bags go to 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is gift presentation as important as the gift itself?

Should I wrap in paper, cellophane or just put it in a gift bag? Would it be easier to wrap in a box because of its shape? Does it make sense to worry about how it is wrapped?  They are just going to throw the wrapping away or just tear open the wrapping paper.

I am sure these are just some of the thoughts and/or questions going through your head when gift giving has to be done. Its already difficult and time consuming finding the right gift but does anyone care how it is wrapped or presented?

Of course it matters.... if so, there would not be books written on the subject of wrapping and sold on with tips on supplies needed, how to's, creative ideas and wrapping styles and other topics related to gift wrapping.

Beautifully or uniquely wrapped gifts add more excitement and anticipation. For instance if you are giving a romantic gift basket , why not individually wrap six items in printed cello bags  give it to your loved one 5 days before your special night with a note saying "Five more days to our Special Day". Add to each bag the date they should be opened leaving the best for the night of the special occasion. Could you imagine the excitement???  If you took those same 6 items and just place them in a gift basket or add to a gift bag and give it to your loved one wouldnt the reaction be different?
The individually wrapped gifts shows that you are creative, that your intent was to please and that significant thought went into this gift.
I know I would be eager every day to see what was next and be filled with anticipation for the special night! So think about the presentation as well as the gift!
For award winning printed cello bags and simple yet unique gift ideas you can check our ebooks at Cello in a Box where everyday is a CELLObration!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cello in a Box Rep Kit Sale just got better

Talk about a slash in price!
Now you can get Cello in a Box Rep Kit 1 for just $1. One dollar ...a buck...four quarters...just $1.........Yes folks if you ever wanted to join this company the time is now! Offer valid until 23rd April 2010.

  • Be in touch with your creative side!
  • Sell products that will bring you repeat sales easily!
  • Help self made businesses improve their business presentations!
  • Make any gift look like it cost a fortune!
  • Increase your earnings with our great rep program!
  • and most importantly ......Have Fun!!!!!

Join cello in a box NOW! Only one day left on this fantastic deal. Come join my team and ask me how to become a senior rep entitled to increased earnings, free products and  cash bonuses....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Great savings in the Month of April

Get 60% off the price of a Rep Kit at Cello in a Box. This offer is good 1st April to 15th April. Afterwards price goes back to $12.99 so take advantage of this great offer!
Rep Kit only $5
You can also buy the larger kit for $25.00. Normal price $32.99, so you save $7.99. What a deal!
Cello in a Box where every day is a CELLObration!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working a business from home has been a challenge for me. For 19 years, I had a permanent job and worked in an office- not quite as I worked mostly out on the field- with irregular hours, high pay with hardly time for family.

In making the shift, I did not anticipate some of the challenges I would face.

I do not have a home office but I designated a space in my bedroom for a small table as my work station and a small shelving unit for my books and files (need more storage space,though).

Its a bit cramped but I have been able to eke out a living in that small space, which feels confining most times.

At first I was excited about working from home

  • no need to get up early

  • can work till late and not worry about driving home

  • no boss breathing down my back

  • easy access for my parents especially my mom who is a cancer survivor - one of the reasons I left my job

  • Can set my working hours

  • Get more time to spend with my family

and I can go on and on about the list of things I thought I could easily do because I was working from home.PIece of cake!

Believe me, it has not been that easy at all.

Most days my schedule goes haywire. I work long hours as my computer is easily accessible and sometimes I have to let my parents know I am working as they do not understand what it is to work from home . Actually they think and the rest of my family too think I am playing on the computer....yet the bills get paid...I wish I could really play games on the computer and get paid...Cant wait for the day when my biz turns into a residual income machine.....ohh!! sigh!

Is there an affiliate program for getting cash for playing games or is someone willing to hire me to just play games on the computer for fun and pay me for that! I think I will google that!

At my permanent job I would spend my lunch hour relaxing or reading a good! lunch hour.... whats that...more time to work, work , work...

Its one of the things I am looking to idea about working from home. Good heavens! No! I do not mean to quit but to change the way I approach it and work out some set schedules even if they go haywire from time to time.

Family is important to me, just as paying the bills are important. I am working on balancing the two. Hopefully the book I am reading 'Essential Managers-Balancing Work and Life by Robert Holden and Ben Renshaw' will help me find a mid point between my work life and my personal life!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March is Crafter's Month

Well its crafters month and I was invited by a friend to participate in an online fair at her network and I agreed. The Crafter's event will take place Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 9pmCST and 9 to 11pmCST respectively.

You see I design hand made greeting hobby to relieve the stress...but it has turned into a neat little business for me.... Here is my album with the latest cards

I used to admire my deceased sister's ability to design cards hand.
You see she suffered with rheumatoid arthritis which eventually cripled her body but not her artistic ability. Her hands could barely open but that did not stop her from turning out beautiful paintings or cards (she presented Prince Edward of England with a painting entitled 'The beauty and splendour of Trinidad and Tobago' in 1995.

Months before she died, she told me to get back in touch with my creative side, that was 7 years ago. Howver I did not until last year August. The first project I did was a card for my niece, which she loved and then I designed a demo book for my cello in a box business.

My older sister asked me why I did not start designing cards...well I thought about it for two months, did a few and she tooked them to her office and her coworkers just loved them.
Since then I have sold over 75 cards, but it is still a hobby of mine!

I get my inspiration from 'all things beautiful'. Every morning I look at the birds, flowers and mountains which were made by God.

All of my cards are one of a kind. No design is repeated!

I have just partnered with a writer, Crystal Kauffman, founder of the Laugh at Cancer Organisation. She is a dear friend of mine and we both donate 10% of our earnings to the Organisation.

Keep following this blog or check our site for the latest cards.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shopping at RT GIFTS

Its almost time for Easter...Do you need treat bags for your church or school or as part of your home decor theme? We carry all products from Cello in a Box who are widely known for their award winning cello bags! Read the blog to the end to find a bonus treat!

We have items in pastel shades of yellow, green, pink, purple......printed Easter Gift Basket boxes are 7"x 4" x 5" and have cute adorable bunnies on them. Imagine them filled with eggs in the same colour. The colours are fun, lively and visually appealing.

You can also use cone bags and add sweets or dry ingredients for easter cooking or baking , tied with ribbons or pullbows
Use them as table decor, for treat gifts or for give friends, family, neighbours, at the church for instance.

A splash of colour to brighten the day!

Dont forget to use the pastel curling ribbons, pastel tissue and shred all at affordable prices.

Spend $30 and you will get free treat bags with a cute bunny tag added to your order. This is limited to one per customer (sweets not included).

What are you waiting for? Get them while stocks last.

This is a bonus treat if you decide to shop early for easter, you will not only receive free treat bags but you can enter our competition to win more free stuff!.

Make your purchase at by Sunday 14th March 2010 8pmEST, unscramble some words and you can win an Ebook and $5 gift certificate. Go to for more details on this fantastic bonus treat. So thats two for the price of one.

Remember the treat bags are available while stocks last and the competition ends this start shopping NOW!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi all...This is my first attempt at blogging. Its a bit nerve racking and exciting at the same time. "Will they like my blog or not or what should I say or not say" is just going through my head as I am writing...

I was told that blogging is one of the greatest tool to drive traffic to your website among here I am blogging.....

I may not be computer savvy or a techie but I am here to take advantage of this opportunity! Here is my website Its manageable enough for me and its more informational with links to my affiliate sites where you can purchase products. I will post info on them as I go along...just bear with me.

About me...well.....

12 years of my working life was spent in Corporate Communications, 6 in customer service and now I am a Work at Home Mom or WAHM as we are affectionately called. I love it! It pays the bills, I can spend more time with family, which is what is important to me. While I was permanently employed, most days I came home when most were asleep or I was too tired to spend quality here I am ...blogging......

My choice of name....

You are probably wondering about the name Redapple39??? First of all Red is my favourite colour. Its rich in hue, very vibrant and symbolizes strength. The apple - for me... love juicy the idea is to make the blog as juicy as possible...... can say thats my age which I am very proud of.....

My business...

I run a small but growing gift store online with links to my affiliate businesses and partners so feel free to check out any of them...or you can get info right here. I rep for Cello in a Box (If you are in direct sales, self made businesses and those into gift basket making, this is a company to check out), next is Teaporia..special teas...everything teas...150 teas....I love their blue berry and strawberry teas, gorgeous teasets excellent wedding gift or for your personal collection .....If you like to work with dry mixes then you will enjoy the rabbit creek products we offer for breads, cakes, scones and muffins.

I think thats enough info for now as I do not want to bore you or make the blog too long that you would not want to read to the end. So we will continue this conversation soon...enjoy!