Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working a business from home has been a challenge for me. For 19 years, I had a permanent job and worked in an office- not quite as I worked mostly out on the field- with irregular hours, high pay with hardly time for family.

In making the shift, I did not anticipate some of the challenges I would face.

I do not have a home office but I designated a space in my bedroom for a small table as my work station and a small shelving unit for my books and files (need more storage space,though).

Its a bit cramped but I have been able to eke out a living in that small space, which feels confining most times.

At first I was excited about working from home

  • no need to get up early

  • can work till late and not worry about driving home

  • no boss breathing down my back

  • easy access for my parents especially my mom who is a cancer survivor - one of the reasons I left my job

  • Can set my working hours

  • Get more time to spend with my family

and I can go on and on about the list of things I thought I could easily do because I was working from home.PIece of cake!

Believe me, it has not been that easy at all.

Most days my schedule goes haywire. I work long hours as my computer is easily accessible and sometimes I have to let my parents know I am working as they do not understand what it is to work from home . Actually they think and the rest of my family too think I am playing on the computer....yet the bills get paid...I wish I could really play games on the computer and get paid...Cant wait for the day when my biz turns into a residual income machine.....ohh!! sigh!

Is there an affiliate program for getting cash for playing games or is someone willing to hire me to just play games on the computer for fun and pay me for that! I think I will google that!

At my permanent job I would spend my lunch hour relaxing or reading a good! lunch hour.... whats that...more time to work, work , work...

Its one of the things I am looking to idea about working from home. Good heavens! No! I do not mean to quit but to change the way I approach it and work out some set schedules even if they go haywire from time to time.

Family is important to me, just as paying the bills are important. I am working on balancing the two. Hopefully the book I am reading 'Essential Managers-Balancing Work and Life by Robert Holden and Ben Renshaw' will help me find a mid point between my work life and my personal life!

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