Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elegant gift wrapping paper

I came upon some really dazzling gift paper in my 'surfing' today and I thought it looked really cool. I went on this site

Ooh I mean the words "sparkle,  shimmer, reflection" was spot on as the description of this gift wrapping paper. I can see myself using it for christmas. It would look really 'snazzy' under the christmas tree lights. I would add silver or gold metallic bows to them to complete the look.

You could even paper some shoe boxes, take out boxes with them and you will have some 'snazzy' (I like that word)gift boxes for gift giving. You could even cut out shapes like a star or even a christmas tree out of them punch some holes and using curling ribbon tie them to the handles of a simple gift bag....... perfect embellishment. (I would use two similar cutouts of different sizes)

Just recently as this year, the company I rep for Cello in a Box added some themed gift paper sets to their range of products. Unfortunately they are not metallic like those I spoke of above, but they do have some pretty neat matching gift tags. I particularly like the one for the girls with the vintage shoes...anyway I just love pink!
You get 2 sheets of wrapping paper measuring 20" x 27"and 2 Matching gift tags for just US$2.25.

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