Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gift wrapping supplies basics

I have been trying to keep up to date on information on gift wrapping and I came across an article on gift wrapping supplies basics and I thought it would be useful for you to read at

At home I always have a couple of wrapping supplies handy for my business presentations as well as for gifts because I supply floral and gift shops in Trinidad and Tobago with wrapping supplies.

Some of my necessities (besides the scissors, double sided tape etc) include
  • printed gift boxes which are less costly than decorated baskets but you can use other storage items such as buckets, old shoe boxes wrapped with gift paper (is very popular), I have seen kids lunch boxes used as well.
  • cellophane basket bags on hand 14"x24" or 25" x 30" depending on the size baskets (14" x 24" will do up to size 6 baskets or gift boxes 7"x4"x5" and 25" x 30" will do much larger baskets)
  • For pizazz I use pull bows with no more than two or three different strands of curling ribbons and coloured shred. To help me have an easier time putting on pull bows and curling ribbons I use twist ties to keep the mouth of the bag together.
  • printed cellophane gift bags for the smaller gifts
  • glue dots to adhere craft items to add a little sparkle if needed.
If you wish to see more gift wrapping supplies or pictures of gift wrapped items in boxes or cello bags go to 

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