Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gift wrapping supplies make useful gifts too!

Do you have a friend, a neighbour, a family member who loves giving gifts and takes pleasure in wrapping them all? Are you looking for something simple but unique that will create a presence in the minds of your customers? Did you know that gift wrapping supplies make great gifts too and can also be used for storing items. These are just a few ideas of how wrapping supplies make great gifts and are useful to have on hand!

1)Gift boxes and baskets are great for gift giving as you can put several items together in a theme and make a uniquely special gift.

But they can also be used for housing ribbons for crafting, business cards, candles, bath and body products, sewing accessories.......

If you add small magazines or artificial flowers, or different packs of snacks to your gift box or basket, they become part of your table decor. Some of these baskets and boxes come in themes....for country themed or whimsical baskets you might like these beautifully handpainted ones at

2) Cellophane bags are great for smaller individual items such as bath and body, candles, small teddy bears, jewelry, gift mugs, mini tote bags. I have used some to store my old pay stubs, but you can keep small items like buttons, craft ribbons, appliques, thread, extra keys, screws.... I am sure we can all find many more uses for having them on hand!

3)As a store owner you can buy printed cellophane bags with your store theme or name( for instance if your store name has 'rose' in it you can buy rose printed bags or if you sell everything in the colour red you can buy red shred, red tissue, red ribbon and - now you know noone will forget you....with all that red...)

Just add your business card and either a voucher or maybe a card where they can write down dates for anniversaries, or birthdays including what was the last gift bought. This shows your customer that you care and it is a thoughtful gift and they will not forget your store.....not to mention great and efficient marketing tool!

4) One tip I received from a store owner is that she purchases cellophane basket bags to keep the dust off her artificial floral arrangements......

But dont think that you have to be a store owner to purchase gift wrapping supplies in bulk, you can buy them for your friends or neighbours in small bulk quantities and cross one item off their list or off your list when gift giving.
Do remember to keep certain wrapping products-especially plastic- away from children's reach or from pets....

For more ideas feel free to check back with me here.. To see our wrapping supplies go to


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