Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is gift presentation as important as the gift itself?

Should I wrap in paper, cellophane or just put it in a gift bag? Would it be easier to wrap in a box because of its shape? Does it make sense to worry about how it is wrapped?  They are just going to throw the wrapping away or just tear open the wrapping paper.

I am sure these are just some of the thoughts and/or questions going through your head when gift giving has to be done. Its already difficult and time consuming finding the right gift but does anyone care how it is wrapped or presented?

Of course it matters.... if so, there would not be books written on the subject of wrapping and sold on with tips on supplies needed, how to's, creative ideas and wrapping styles and other topics related to gift wrapping.

Beautifully or uniquely wrapped gifts add more excitement and anticipation. For instance if you are giving a romantic gift basket , why not individually wrap six items in printed cello bags  give it to your loved one 5 days before your special night with a note saying "Five more days to our Special Day". Add to each bag the date they should be opened leaving the best for the night of the special occasion. Could you imagine the excitement???  If you took those same 6 items and just place them in a gift basket or add to a gift bag and give it to your loved one wouldnt the reaction be different?
The individually wrapped gifts shows that you are creative, that your intent was to please and that significant thought went into this gift.
I know I would be eager every day to see what was next and be filled with anticipation for the special night! So think about the presentation as well as the gift!
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