Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What can I use to present my handmade cards?

Twice today I had this asked of me so I decided to share the information with as many as I can.

What can you use to package and present your handmade cards? Tape sealer bags are great to showcase your cards. Why?
  • They give your work a professional look
  • Protects the cards from being soiled from over handling
  • Keeps the dust off
  • Demonstrates the pride you take in your work
What size?
If your cards measure 4"-51/2" wide to 8" tall use the 6"x 9 1/2" size. Remember to cater for the envelope.

PIC1-The card and envelope placed in the tape sealer bag.

You can purchase these bags for US$8.50 (size 6"x 9 1/2"). They come in a set of 100 at Cello in a Box. Tape sealer bags range in sizes 2"x 3" to 9"x 12".

So add the professional touch as we say at Cello in a Box- "Presentation makes the sale!"

Renee Hamilton 
Senior Rep -Cello in a Box and Manager of RT Gifts

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gifts you can wrap in pretzel bags

Here are four great ideas from my fellow cello in a box reps for gift items you can wrap in pretzel bags.

Free Ideas
Tea Party For One - add tea bags, honey sticks, stick cookies with a gift Cathy Job—Dawson, ND

· Add a flyer rolled like a scroll, tied with ribbon and a sample, candy along with a business card for a great marketing idea. Jodi Van Meter—Tucson, AZ
· Biscotti is a perfect fit in a pretzel bag. Steff Jones—Proctor, OK
· A few tools such as a few screwdrivers for your man. Tie with natural raffia ribbon for a masculine look. Ellen Levinas—Brooklyn, NY

We have 19 more ideas on our celloinabox website. I am sure you can find more. I have just purchased some pretzel bags to experiment with as well. You will find the bags on page 2 in the category 'clear cello bags'. They come in a set of 25 bags for $3.25 and your added bonus are the great ideas listed on the description page.

Thanks for dropping by Red Apple's blog

RT Gifts

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrapping that Gift for Dad

I hope you have already wrapped the gift for Dad or if not lets give you a run down of some of the basic supplies you will need to do so.
The traditional basket which as someone rightfully said 'mom can use it afterwards ( car wash bucket or a hat or gift mug, pre wrapped box, tool box or storage container- ideas are limitless)
  • Scissors
  •  Ribbon -use colours silver, black, red, white, brown, blue or gold
  • Cellophane basket bag depending on size of gift, or cellophane roll or gift paper or pre wrapped box, cellophane printed bags (use the ones with a sporty theme or maybe with tool box items)
  • Scotch tape (to tape up the extra ends and give it a neat look)
  • Twist ties, if necessary- for keeping the neck of the cellophane together to make it easier to tie on the ribbons
  • Pull Bows for added effect
  • Gift tag
  • Glue dots - to secure items in basket so they do not move around or to prevent glass items from knocking together
  • Tissue- silver, white, black, brown,blue, red or gold
  • Dont forget some shred - You can use newspaper to first line the container and then top with foiled, or craft shred.
Have fun wrapping and for the fathers "Happy Father's Day!"

For more ideas and gift wrapping supplies

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple ideas for Father's Day

There are simple ways we can celebrate father's day! One of my clients, a hotel, bakes there own special cookies, purchases themed cello bags (camouflage, sporting  and racing design for father's day) from cello in a box and puts their cookies in the bags tied with matching curling ribbons and a note. They are then arranged on a tray on the table for their guests to partake of. I must say this is a nice inexpensive touch. They first did this for mother's day which was such a joy that they are once more turning to cello in a box  to make their father's day event just as successful.

- My 83 year old dad loves to write different things down and is always bothering me for notebook pages. So last year I bought him a really fancy pen, a nicely bound black note book and notepad pages... for Father's Day. He was very pleased and now gets refilled note pad pages for it. My sister thought I should have bought him cologne which is more expensive but to tell the truth my dad does not like colognes...but is too polite to say so and he gives them to my son to use. ( I think they have finally gotten the message now)

Sometimes the simplest things actually make the best gifts for your friends and family!I got a nature inspired wall calender from a friend in the UK and trust me its the best gift I could have gotten because I missed an appointment for my business- it was in my diary which I misplaced. Now I just look at my calender that is above my workstation and I dont forget them now.- I have never gotten accustomed to making a note of it on my cell phone-

So, just take the time to listen to what people are saying or pay attention to what they are doing and you will find it easy to select gifts. Actually at cello in a box we emphasize that simple gifts nicely wrapped will actually do the trick.There are great books on about gift wrapping, which I mentioned on a previous blog, if that is an interest of yours. However we also provide you with free tips and gift wrapping ideas on the 'cello' site.

For 100's of gift ideas for men why not check out cello in a box's ebook for guys

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red Apple's Blog: Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Red Apple's Blog: Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Free Shipping on baby and bridal shower bags at Cello in a Box until June 7th

Yes everyone until June 7th 2010, you can enjoy free shipping on our spring cellobration line of products.

We have pink and white blossom bags to fit your small bridal shower favors. You can add lovely wine stoppers to these bags, also votive candles, hard candies, small manicure sets, potpourri and other small items. Tied with curling ribbons and a cute tag saying 'May your love soar to even greater heights' and the date.

Our pink and blue polka dot bags makes a cute wrap for your baby girl or baby boy shower favors.
Get them at Cello in a box

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why not a bridal shower tea party?

Its June, the month for weddings and of course bridal showers.

Looking for a different theme for a bridal shower why not try a tea party especially if the bride collects tea accessories or loves teas.

What will definitely liven it up will be a tea tasting session and you can incorporate a game whereby the guests are asked to correctly identify the taste or maybe one or two ingredients of 3 different teas. The winner can be presented with a teacup and a few bags of the teas which were tasted( which will make a great story at the next bridal teaparty they attend, which leads to the next fun thing you can do)

Another fun thing  (I found this one on a previous issue of Better Homes and Gardens)
 is have everyone bring their favourite teacup and tell the cup's story. I remember my boss having this mug with some words which are too delicate for you to read here and the story was just as 'uhhum' delicate as the words. I had a good laugh with her though.

But, teacups do tell stories as I have a really delicate china teacup and saucer from my last permanent job, from a friend who was like a mother to me. I still cherish it after two years (- as my freedom cup- free from stress, from a defined paycheck, from certain persons who do not know 'how to think outside of the box' )and I will always remember it was her who would lift my spirits when I was down and give me useful advice when tact was needed for certain situations.

Now lets get back to the bridal shower tea party! For table decor try a collectible teaset or maybe an all-in-one teapot, which can be presented to the bride to commemorate the day! You can add several flavours of teas that she can try. Making it a special treat for her.

Whatever you decide to do for the bridal shower, ensure that its fun, memorable and filled with lots of joy.

For more information on this topic you can contact me at or if you like this idea and wish to purchase sample teabags, tea accessories and sweet and savoury desserts join me at teaporia. For gift wrapping for your tokens come with me to celloinabox 'spring cellobration' where you can enjoy free shipping on bridal shower themed bags this month.