Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple ideas for Father's Day

There are simple ways we can celebrate father's day! One of my clients, a hotel, bakes there own special cookies, purchases themed cello bags (camouflage, sporting  and racing design for father's day) from cello in a box and puts their cookies in the bags tied with matching curling ribbons and a note. They are then arranged on a tray on the table for their guests to partake of. I must say this is a nice inexpensive touch. They first did this for mother's day which was such a joy that they are once more turning to cello in a box  to make their father's day event just as successful.

- My 83 year old dad loves to write different things down and is always bothering me for notebook pages. So last year I bought him a really fancy pen, a nicely bound black note book and notepad pages... for Father's Day. He was very pleased and now gets refilled note pad pages for it. My sister thought I should have bought him cologne which is more expensive but to tell the truth my dad does not like colognes...but is too polite to say so and he gives them to my son to use. ( I think they have finally gotten the message now)

Sometimes the simplest things actually make the best gifts for your friends and family!I got a nature inspired wall calender from a friend in the UK and trust me its the best gift I could have gotten because I missed an appointment for my business- it was in my diary which I misplaced. Now I just look at my calender that is above my workstation and I dont forget them now.- I have never gotten accustomed to making a note of it on my cell phone-

So, just take the time to listen to what people are saying or pay attention to what they are doing and you will find it easy to select gifts. Actually at cello in a box we emphasize that simple gifts nicely wrapped will actually do the trick.There are great books on http://www.amazon.com/ about gift wrapping, which I mentioned on a previous blog, if that is an interest of yours. However we also provide you with free tips and gift wrapping ideas on the 'cello' site.

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