Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What can I use to present my handmade cards?

Twice today I had this asked of me so I decided to share the information with as many as I can.

What can you use to package and present your handmade cards? Tape sealer bags are great to showcase your cards. Why?
  • They give your work a professional look
  • Protects the cards from being soiled from over handling
  • Keeps the dust off
  • Demonstrates the pride you take in your work
What size?
If your cards measure 4"-51/2" wide to 8" tall use the 6"x 9 1/2" size. Remember to cater for the envelope.

PIC1-The card and envelope placed in the tape sealer bag.

You can purchase these bags for US$8.50 (size 6"x 9 1/2"). They come in a set of 100 at Cello in a Box. Tape sealer bags range in sizes 2"x 3" to 9"x 12".

So add the professional touch as we say at Cello in a Box- "Presentation makes the sale!"

Renee Hamilton 
Senior Rep -Cello in a Box and Manager of RT Gifts

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