Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why not a bridal shower tea party?

Its June, the month for weddings and of course bridal showers.

Looking for a different theme for a bridal shower why not try a tea party especially if the bride collects tea accessories or loves teas.

What will definitely liven it up will be a tea tasting session and you can incorporate a game whereby the guests are asked to correctly identify the taste or maybe one or two ingredients of 3 different teas. The winner can be presented with a teacup and a few bags of the teas which were tasted( which will make a great story at the next bridal teaparty they attend, which leads to the next fun thing you can do)

Another fun thing  (I found this one on a previous issue of Better Homes and Gardens)
 is have everyone bring their favourite teacup and tell the cup's story. I remember my boss having this mug with some words which are too delicate for you to read here and the story was just as 'uhhum' delicate as the words. I had a good laugh with her though.

But, teacups do tell stories as I have a really delicate china teacup and saucer from my last permanent job, from a friend who was like a mother to me. I still cherish it after two years (- as my freedom cup- free from stress, from a defined paycheck, from certain persons who do not know 'how to think outside of the box' )and I will always remember it was her who would lift my spirits when I was down and give me useful advice when tact was needed for certain situations.

Now lets get back to the bridal shower tea party! For table decor try a collectible teaset or maybe an all-in-one teapot, which can be presented to the bride to commemorate the day! You can add several flavours of teas that she can try. Making it a special treat for her.

Whatever you decide to do for the bridal shower, ensure that its fun, memorable and filled with lots of joy.

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