Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Shipping on baby shower bags

Free shipping on pink and blue polka dot cello bags at Cello in a Box.

These bags are ideal for baby showers. Great for small gift items such as  bubble baths, votive candles, bath salts, miniature baby carriages, small baby bottles and more.............

The ideas are tremendous.............

For more gift ideas for baby showers send us an email at rtgifts@forgiftsnthings.biz

Renee Hamilton
Senior Rep Cello in a Box

Friday, July 23, 2010

$1 deals....

Check out these awesome $1 deals at Cello in a Box from today till 30 July 2010. Buy.....

White Blossom Bag

  •  3 Pull bows in varying sizes (can never have enough in stock of these to embellish your gift boxes and gift baskets)
  • Set of 10 Happy Birthday gift tags (everyday someone celebrates a birthday so why not keep these on hand to attach to your gifts for the special someone)
  • Our Surprise wrap set always has goodies you can easily use to make that special gift unique. Get from ribbons to bows to bags for just $1
  • Green gingham gift basket box  ( cute little box which folds easily for storage and reminds you of summer as gingham is still popular for summer dresses and barbecue aprons)
  • 1 dozen musical notes bag measuring 5"x2"x12" (FDA approved so you can add sweets or food mixes which will make anyone feel like singing)
  • 1oz natural kraft shred (great addition to men's gift baskets as it gives it a more manly look)
  • 1glue stick - great for crafting and adding on paper embellishments
  • Hand crafted cards with birthday hat or glitter flowers with envelopes
  • 1 dozen white blossom bags ideal for bridal shower tokens
  • Set of 3 organza bags in assorted colors and sizes
  • 8 large 6"x13' white heart bags
  • New holiday fun guide filled with gift ideas, decorating, list making and more
  • 1 dozen balloon twist tie tags
  • Assorted colored raffia- get 3 for just $1
  • 1 dozen  transparent cello bags in assorted colors
What are you waiting for? In just 7 days time this offer will be gone....Buy now! Go to www.celloinabox.com/mall/shopaff.asp?affid=30

Renee Hamilton
Senior Rep 30 Cello in a Box

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Lost and Wish I could get back

Gold Shoe...

My pair of gold heels. Most comfortable pair of shoes that I could dance in whole night and not feel pain. Size 6 1/2, two straps across, heel of the shoes were dark brown. The sole softly cushioned the feet. I left it at my mom's in between moving house.

When I returned to move the rest of my things it was not there. No one saw it...so it magically disappeared...mind you... two of my nieces were wearing the same shoe size as I was at the time...so....I will leave it there....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Handmade Card Idea

I stumbled upon this idea for designing a handmade card placing the card's message on a bookmark which is detachable but leaves the card intact.

You see I normally print the personalised message on paper, cut it out and glue with gluestick. This process can be painstaking at times getting the paper cut to the correct size as I often add a right hand border (with coloured cardstock) to the inside of the card which is visible from the outside. This lends contrast to the colour and design on the front of the card.

 I create one of a kind handmade card design using stickers, ribbons, transfers, glue dots, glue stick, cardstock (only repeated if copies are requested by the purchaser, but I change the colours). I hate to mess up the inside of the card.

Also I know that before I began designing cards, I would find cards I liked on the outside but not what was on the inside so I kept toying in my mind how can I allow persons to choose the design and choose the personalised message they want and yesterday it hit me why not do a detachable bookmark and see how that goes.

So I printed the message on white cardstock, cut it out smaller than the width and height of the card.Added some stickers. I attached friggie tape ( got it from a friend and had not really used it) to the back and then attached it to the card. I held the card by the ribbon of the bookmark just to check if it was holding. You see the friggie tape is double sided but does not stick to your fingers. It did hold ! At least for about 5mins.

So then I checked to see whether I could detach the bookmark without harming the card and I was able to. Then I stuck it back on.

Now the benefits-
  • The bookmark will stick to page of book without falling out, thus you do not lose nor damage your page
  • The recipient gets to keep a memory of the card. Most people throw their cards out after a few days because of storage issues
  • The bookmark becomes even more personalised and of more value with the signature of the sender
  • The card becomes reusable, you can just attach another bookmark or write something inspirational on it

So thats my handmade card idea with detachable bookmark. Hope you like it!

Renee Hamilton
RT Gifts
July 2nd 2010

July 4th Independence Day Sale-Ship for only US$3.99

July 4th- Independence Sale

Take advantage of this offer at Cello in a Box. Make purchases over $20 and up to $40 and just pay $3.99 until July 5th midnight then rates revert to normal price of $7.49. Canada shipping also reduced.

Get all your wrapping supplies in one place we have both cellophane and paper products guaranteed to change your gift from ordinary to extraordinary. Isnt that just great!

Check out our products on sale for July as well! Get tulle ribbons for a mere $3.50 (a 'must have' for flower and gift shops) and 2"x 3" tape sealer bags(100) for small samples and business cards for $2.50.

Fantastic offers at Cello in a Box 

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Renee Hamilton
Senior Rep Cello in a Box