Friday, August 27, 2010

Try La Bella Baskets for free for 7 on

I am giving this opportunity to the first 5 persons who joins my team at

Currently to join La Bella Baskets for a 7-day trial is $1.97 until 31st August 2010. If you are one of the first 5,  I will refund you your $1.97 through paypal once you have signed up as a consultant. In essence you are joining for a free 7 day trial of the program which we guarantee you will love if not cancel at any time. After that it is $19.95 monthly which goes to the maintenance of your two websites- a marketing site and your store. Remember this is your very own Flower and Gift shop and if you were to start one your self your monthly costs for storage, inventory, rent among others would of course be more than this.

Also remember the act of giving brings rewards!

Every person who joins your team earns you $15 and there are more rewards in the program....Like ongoing training, toll free number for assistance and lots more! You also reward your new customers with a free gift...

So join me and lets continue the act of

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